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This ChatGPT Prompt helped Build My Personal Brand

Who knew AI could help me get out of an identity crisis? Or that I’d even need to ask an AI program in the first place. The one ChatGPT prompt below changed the game for me. Keep reading to test it yourself!

How did I get here? Simple.

I got overtaken by my identity in being a mother, a spouse, and a business owner. And I’m sure there are A LOT of people in the same boat. So maybe this will help you. 

So a bit of a backstory into how this event transpired:

Erikka and I were in the process of a complete rebrand of our marketing and design agency. (That you are now reading this on.) And in the process of that, we are trying to build our brands. Because if there’s anything I know, it’s that you can’t sell your product or service without selling yourself. My problem is, I have no clue who the hell I am as an individual anymore. And it was kind of a smack in the face to have this realization. 

I have given up SO MUCH of myself over the years. And I realized it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a way to balance. It takes work, but it is possible. I just didn’t know where to start. 

Enter ChatGPT.

So Erikka had a brilliant idea to ask ChatGPT. We use this program a lot in our business but it takes practice to finagle it. You have to be extremely detailed in your questions and responses and feed it as much information as possible to get the output required. 

The ChatGPT prompt we used to help build our personal brands:

“Ask me questions about my style and personality to help me create an authentic personal brand to promote my _________ business.” 

It came out with 14 detailed questions that I went in-depth answering. Everything from design preferences, wardrobe choices, and personality traits. 

Once I answered it gave me ways to use them to create a personal brand. I even took a step further and asked it to give me 10 content ideas based on the information to get me started. 


Not only did I get a content plan, but I also got out of the self-identity crisis I was in. I hope this prompt helps you if you’re also stuck trying to find your brand identity. Being able to bring authenticity to your brand is an important part of building trust within your niche.

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